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Daisy and the Trouble with Life

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KES Elhadidy, SM Ahmed, AM Khallaf - 2013 - link.springer.comShereen Mohamed El-hoseinyBeni Suef UniversityKhaled El-Sayed Elhadidy


Disclosed is a method for producing a pressure hose, comprising the following steps: injection molding a tubular first hose element (16); pulling a woven

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Text to multi-level MindMaps

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End fitting for a flexible metal hose

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Insulation of a hose and/or pipe coupling

Insulation of a coupling between pipes or hoses or between pipes and hoses comprises a pair of connecting coupling halves (15-18) each with a metal

Computational fluid dynamics analysis on the added resistance

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Method decorating circular knittings and hosiery

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Locking device for a pluggable cable or hose connection

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